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Breaks are just as important in work as the tasks themselves. The same rule applies as in sports: Without rest in between, no development - without regular breaks, no sustainable success.

Whether you want to overcome writer's block, distract yourself from one-sided tasks, or just relax for a bit, browser games are a great way to catch your breath before you dive back into work full force.

Browser games are very much in vogue. The advantage: you can usually play them directly in the window of your own Internet browser without any additional registration. This makes them especially popular at work.

However, playing games in the browser doesn't have to be too complicated: In addition to tricky strategy games and action-packed shooters, there are also simple games that are a great way to pass the time.

It's time for the big football game and your quarterback is throwing perfect passes. Try to catch as many footballs as you can to progress through harder and harder levels. Play American Football Challenge game online on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
Let’s play football! In this challenging sports game, it’s penalty kick time and the pressure’s on for the perfect kick. Line up the football just right and score the GOAL!
Backgammon is a two-player board game played with counters and dice on tables boards. It is the most widespread Western member of the large family of tables games, whose ancestors date back nearly 5,000 years to the regions of Mesopotamia and Persia. The earliest record of backgammon itself dates to 17th-century England, being descended from the 16th-century game of Irish.
Formula Rush is an exciting retro-style Formula 1 racing game in which you'll race at very high speeds on challenging, winding tracks. Get into your race car and step on the gas in this great free online game to be the first to reach the finish line and become the ultimate champion.
Nine men's Morris is a strategy board game for two players dating at least to the Roman Empire. Nine Men's Morris, also known as Merrills, Mill and Merels, is an old English game that goes back to antiquity - evidence has been found for the game in ancient Rome and possibly Ancient Egypt.
Touchdown Rush is an American football sports game where you have to cross the field and score a touchdown. Make sure to dodge all the defenders and score that touchdown!
Ultimate Swish is a challenging basketball game for mobile, tablet and co. Your task is to shoot as many baskets as possible in just 1 minute. Timing is everything here! Have you always dreamed of being a real professional basketball player like these cool NBA players and scoring with every shot?
Ultimate Sudoku will make your grey cells burn! The goal of this popular number puzzle is to fill all grids with the numbers 1 to 9 so that each number appears exactly once in each column, row and block. Play the easy, medium or hard version and use hints and other help if you get stuck. Can you solve the tricky logic puzzle and fill in all the squares? Finally a free sudoku that works.
Read the clue and rearrange the letters to spell the correct word. Try to rearrange all the words as fast as you can. There are several categories to master and this is a fun game to challenge a friend to.
Become a master of solving wordoku puzzles. Wordoku's strength lies in the combination of word puzzles and Sudoku. It's fun to solve logical puzzles and the search for a hidden word makes it a bit more focused than normal Sudoku puzzles. Enjoy this original variant of the classic Sudoku with letters and words. 3 different difficulty level: Easy, Medium and Hard
You want to test your intelligence? Here you can find an interesting site where you can take an IQ test for free. How intelligent we are is probably of interest to all of us. But a detailed IQ test can take up to several hours. In our idiot test, on the other hand, you can quickly find out whether you're one of the super-smart ones.
Play against the computer or against friends in this challenging chess game. And really strain your grey cells, because the faster you manage checkmate, the more points you get!
Play the classic board game against the computer or online against other players.
Ultimate Tic Tac Toe is played on nine tic-tac-toe boards arranged in a 3 × 3 grid.
A sliding puzzle as a brain teaser can sometimes be very tricky.
Memory trains the photographic memory. Memory is actually a children's game, but adults still enjoy playing it as well. Practice makes perfect: Those who play regularly train their memory, can remember things faster in the long run, and will eventually be more successful.
A super tricky combination task that you can play super alone. Find the four balls that the computer has selected and find their correct position in ten moves. Let's see if you can do it. Have fun!
A famous maze game with many tricky levels. Maze games are very helpful to sharpen your mind.
A jigsaw puzzle is a game of patience that involves trying to reassemble a picture or motif that has been broken into several pieces.
The main goal is to find a way for the impulse to travel from point A to point B, but it's not that simple!

Small attention and concentration games can sometimes work wonders. However, their success - like all didactic methods - depends on countless factors.

30 minutes is also considered the approximate maximum concentration time for adults before the brain needs a short breather. Small attention and concentration games can sometimes work wonders. However, their success - like all didactic methods - depends on countless factors.

Promote awareness of one's own thoughts and feelings. This in turn helps to verbalize one's own feelings, which are a basis for social interactions and conflict resolution.

Strengthen attention and impulse control. The mental focusing of one's own ideas and (emotional) reactions trains self-awareness with regard to self-regulatory mechanisms. Especially in conflict situations, these mechanisms can help to recognize and name negative feelings at an early stage and to act preventively.

Increase thinking and learning performance. In everyday life, we take in an infinite number of stimuli from our environment. By consciously fixating on one stimulus within the concentration exercises, other disturbing or distracting stimuli are eliminated. This gives our working memory the chance to fully utilize its capacities, thus accelerating thought processes and facilitating the embedding of new information into the long-term memory.

However, if you can't get enough of browser games in the office, you should be careful, because legal regulations must also be observed during work breaks. Provided that the employer generally allows it, there is nothing to be said against the entertaining distraction on the screen. Who knows, it might even improve your own performance so that your boss can soon be happy about even better results.

Constantly stressed and exhausted?

Our mental health is essential for a satisfied and successful life. Often, even small course corrections are enough in everyday life to enjoy more mental balance - far away from the mania for self-optimization. The supposedly banal impulses often hold the greatest potential for greater well-being. Here are 4 pro tips for mental recovery in everyday life.

Binaural beats

Music can help us stay in a good mood. Our favorite songs in particular manage to take us out of the moment with just a few sounds - to strengthen us, comfort us, motivate us, or remind us ad hoc of joyful events or loved ones.

For even more mental relaxation, you can listen to binaural beats through headphones that support our concentration or deep relaxation, depending on the frequency. Playlists can be found on all music streaming portals.

According to Wikipedia, binaural beats occur as a sensory impression when a separate tone with a slightly different frequency is presented to the auditory system in each ear. These pure sine tones are often mixed with natural sounds for more acoustic harmony.

Yoga Walk

Do you associate cobras, crows, scorpions, camels, dolphins and other creatures with the zoo than with athletic yoga poses? If you are unfamiliar with the ancient Indian technique and exercises for a harmony of clear mind and strong body, you can start with a simple "yoga walk" for more mental relaxation during pathways.

Whether you're going for a walk or heading to the subway or supermarket: Try to block out any distracting thoughts by focusing on synchronizing your steps with your breathing. Four steps for four inhaling breaths, then four steps for four exhaling breaths. Alternatively (and depending on your comfort level) try your individual pace and timing that works for you.

Mental Lunch

Whether in the home office or in the canteen - even the daily lunch can serve as a training object for mental relaxation: Sharpen your senses and focus consciously and exclusively on eating. Avoid looking at screens, scrolling through social media feeds, or reading the newspaper on the side.

Perceive your dish with all your senses: How do the vegetables look on the plate? How does the sauce smell? How does the pudding glide across your tongue? How does the crispy pizza crust feel in your mouth and how do the herbs on the salad taste? Even fast food meals become a mindful lunch through sensory perception. A nice side effect: by consciously chewing, you become more aware of your feeling of fullness and perhaps save yourself from reaching into the snack box in the afternoon.

Fab Four

Conflicts are normal and part of everyday (work) life. However, self-destructive ruminations about past heated discussions with "Why didn't I...?" are not very conducive to mental well-being.

By being aware of our thoughts, we can immediately take stress prophylaxis. As soon as we rotate at full speed in the thought carousel, we pull the emergency brake by visualizing only the immediate moment: What do you feel, what do you hear, what do you see?

Maybe it will help you to disappear briefly in the toilet after the row with the stubbly colleague and let cold water flow over your wrists. Just feel the water on your skin. On the way back to your desk, consciously focus on how you roll your feet as you walk down the hall. Notice the fabric of your shirt or T-shirt on your shoulders. At your desk, open the window and focus on the sounds outside.

By focusing your senses on the moment, all bad vibes have a break and you sharpen your concentration. When you are practiced and want to dwell even deeper and longer in the moment, redirect your focus to more things: What four different sounds can you hear right now? What four objects do you see? Direct your gaze alternately to four different objects in your immediate surroundings and notice them consciously.

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